No matter the industry,
whether you’re in Construction,
Manufacturing or Hospitality -
Our Workwear has been
designed with a primary focus
on safety.


Technological advancements
in the manufacturing process,
have allowed us to select
the right technical fabrics for
all our garments – ensuring
improved functionality,
performance and durability.


Finding and investing in the
right Workwear solution is
essential for any industry,
not only to provide your staff
with dependable everyday
gear to get the job done, but
to save costs in the long run.
Our Range of Workwear has been
designed with reliability in mind.

Returns & Refunds Policy


All orders are delivery to your door by courier and the utmost care is taken to ensure a safe delivery, however should you have any problems with your order, please contact us via email,  within 24 hours of receiving the goods 

Our frames are all custom made to order therefore we are not able to process any returns, refunds or cancellations unless there is a defect with the actual molding/ frame itself. 

In this instance,  the item needs to be returned in its original packaging and condition and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.



Should any artwork need to printed by us for framing, the following notes are a guideline to follow: 

Sending Print Ready Artwork for Printing & Framing 


There are several ways you can send your Print ready artwork to us . 


  1. Go to the site  Wetransfer ( & follow the prompts, then send your artwork to or

  2. Email images are unfortunately limited in size, but smaller images can be sent. Max size for emails is 20MB

  3. You can bring in your artwork on a flash or external harddrive and we can copy them to our Computers harddrive 

File format


You can send us uncompressed Tiffs, JPG,s, PDF’s and RAW files


Files should be 300 dpi (that is print quality)

Workspace should be sRGB or Adobe RGB